Hanosi Softwood Kindling Splitter - Premium Version - Hanosi
Hanosi Softwood Kindling Splitter - Premium Version - Hanosi
Hanosi Softwood Kindling Splitter - Premium Version - Hanosi
Hanosi Softwood Kindling Splitter - Premium Version - Hanosi
Hanosi Softwood Kindling Splitter - Premium Version - Hanosi
Hanosi Softwood Kindling Splitter - Premium Version - Hanosi
Wall-mounted kindling splitter

Hanosi Softwood Kindling Splitter - Premium Version

The Hanosi Kindling Splitter - Premium Version is the ultimate choice for those who want efficiency, durability, and elegance all in one package. This wall-mounted kindling splitter has been meticulously designed to make splitting wood a hassle-free experience.
Ease of Use: The ergonomic design coupled with leverage means that anyone can use this tool with minimum effort. The comfortable grip allows for repeated use without causing strain or discomfort.
Superior Material: Made from high-quality stainless steel, this splitter has anti-rust properties that ensure it maintains its shine and effectiveness over time. This material choice not only ensures durability but also gives it an elegant look, making it a worthy addition to your home.
Effective Design: This kindling splitter is built to split wood cleanly and easily, reducing the time and effort typically required. Its design makes it ideal for both small and larger pieces of wood.
Luxury Look: Beyond its practical benefits, the Hanosi Kindling Splitter - Premium Version also serves as a luxury decoration for your home. Its sleek and shiny design can easily match any interior or exterior décor, making it more than just a functional tool.
Durability: It is built to last, with a focus on quality and longevity. This ensures that the splitter will serve you faithfully through seasons of use, from cozy winter fires to summer bonfires.
This Hanosi Kindling Splitter - Premium Version is the perfect blend of utility and sophistication. It's not just a tool but a statement piece that speaks of your taste for quality, luxury, and convenience.
Materials: Original High-quality Steel Stainless - Anti-rust
Packing: 1 Hanosi Softwood Kindling Splitter, 1 Box, 4 screws to mount on the wall, 1 Instruction,
$399.00 USD
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- Superior materials for longevity and performance - High-quality Original 304 stainless steel - Lifetime anti-rust guarantee - Effortless cleaning - Aesthetically pleasing design - Meets high standards in form and function

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Simple and Easy to Use

  • It is never necessary to swing a sharp, heavy axe - the stationary cast iron cleavage head remains permanently mounted inside a cast-iron frame.
  • Insert the 9-14 inch logs into the Hanosi Kindling Splitter, then push to split the log easily, lever helps create stronger force to gradually separate the log, quickly and accurately.
  • Can safely split an entire stack of firewood and quickly make firewood for your fireplace, fire pit, pizza oven, sauna, grill, smoker, and more.

Step 1

Mount it on the wall


Step 2

Splitting in Convinent


Step 3

Get Warm all Winter

What's Included with
your Hanosi Kindling Splitter Package

  • Hanosi Kindling Splitter

  • 4 x Screws to Mount on the wall

  • Instruction How to use and Maintaince

What makes us different?

The reason why 98% of people feel happy after using the Hanosi Kindling Splitter.

What customers are saying about Hanosi

A great gift for a man. Very convenient device for kindling wood splitter. Screwed in the shed. We use it all the time and are very satisfied

Roslyn Belinda

After cutting an axe on my finger, I decided to purchase this device. I was satisfied with the purchase. Really works) For chopping wood into kindling and start the BBQ party, it's the very thing! As a recommendation, specify the recommended mounting height.

Darryl Rod

Excellent fit. Easy to install, even easier to get used to split kindling from softwood of the desired thickness. Made well.

Paden Jackie

My husband often asks me to melt the sauna while he's coming from work, I used to get kindling with a knife, this process is dangerous and time-consuming, but thanks to the colander whisper I cope with ease and pleasure, a wonderful gadget. I wish the manufacturers prosperity

Zoe Isabella

I took it as a gift for my parents, they are very satisfied, they have not yet had time to use it, but it looks very cool, plus the lock also weighs for safety. Cool thing :)

Thomas Innocent


You asked
We answered

What is the Hanosi Kindling Splitter and how does it work?

The Hanosi Kindling Splitter is a wall-mounted tool designed to make splitting kindling for starting a fire faster, safer, and more convenient. Simply place the wooden kindling piece into the splitter and use the lever to split it.

What are the differences between the Standard, Lite, and Premium versions?

The Standard version costs $279 and is made of high-carbon steel with a 4-layer body weighing 4.7kg. The Lite version costs $319 and is made of original high-quality stainless steel, weighing 2.7kg. Meanwhile, the Premium version costs $399 and uses original high-quality 304 stainless steel.

Who is this product suitable for?

The Hanosi Kindling Splitter is suitable for anyone who wants to safely and efficiently split kindling at home. It can also serve as a beautiful decoration near a boiler or warm gas range

Where can it be installed?

It can be easily mounted on a wall, just make sure to choose a location with enough space and safety. It is typically installed near fireplaces, heaters, or ovens.

In which countries is shipping available?

The Hanosi Kindling Splitter can be shipped worldwide. US, Canada, UK, EU, Australia... If you are unsure about the shipping availability to a specific country, view details in Shipping Policy

How do I maintain the Hanosi Kindling Splitter?